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Who we are

BFMV and its members are people from all walks of life who believe there is a better way, who believe that now is the time to look for sustainable, affordable housing solutions.

Meet The Team


Anthony Barrett

Project Manager

Anthony Barrett has 25 years' of experience in co-op housing including serving on boards of directors for 8 years. His journalism background took him to Niagara College where he held a number of contracts from instructor to course development officer for the college’s first environmental program.

He was also a successful franchise director for a chain of retail stores in Ontario and former director of Commonplace Eco-Village in Niagara. He founded its demonstration off grid straw bale eco-home and managed its energy audit program through Natural Resources Canada.

He is also the founder of Boreal Forest Medieval Villages and its associated projects.

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Theresa Barrett


Theresa Barrett has over 20 years of office administrative experience. A former journalist, she helps us communicate clearly our ideas and goals. She is responsible for all office administration, ensuring organization and accuracy.

She is married to Anthony Barrett and is proud mother to two amazing sons and one fabulous daughter, and has 6 glorious grandchildren.

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Ian Corris

Development Manager

Ian Corris has 35 years of experience in the construction field. His passion is building homes, campground development and maintenance. Ian is also an automotive technician (31oS), truck and trailer technician (31oT) and is experienced handling heavy road equipment.

In his Automotive business he employed 6 workers.

He is married, father of 2 and grandfather of 4.

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