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Boreal Forest Medieval Villages (BFMV) offers an alternative form of affordable property ownership for those looking to live off-grid.

We're offering an amazing opportunity to own a piece of land in an off-grid, environmentally-friendly community. This format bridges the gap for its membership, between dreaming about and owning lakefront property.

Our purchase formula is: waterfront; off-grid; in unorganized township; sustainable living values.

BFMV is following environmental guidelines to ensure safe operation within our communities.

We will not take out a mortgage to buy land so we have to raise the funds before we can purchase any property.

BFMV has created the following projects in northern Ontario: Boreal Forest Lodge Association (BFLA), Boreal Forest Off Grid Association (BFOGA), and Boreal Forest Wilderness Association (BFWA). We are now working on our fourth project.

Each members' association is independently owned and operated by its members.

BFMV has also begun its Winter Get-Away project in Bocas del Toro, Panama. The property was purchased in December 2022. We are accepting new investors for this exciting opportunity.

We hope you'll come along with us on our adventure!


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