Project 2 (Sold out)

This property is on Iron Stake Road about 10 kms from Charlton, Ontario. It's 185 acres with 3,000 feet of lakefront on Long Lake.

Affordable Waterfront Property:

This Long Lake property was purchased in July 2019. It is 185 acres with approximately 3,000 feet of lakefront on Long Lake, in the unorganized District of Timiskaming, Ontario. Boreal Forest Off-Grid Association (BFOGA) is a not-for-profit incorporated association which is independently controlled by the membership and run by a five-member Board of Directors elected annually. There are also several voluntary committees comprised of members, such as the Planning and Development Committee, Bylaw Committee, and Social Committee, who contribute to the running and smooth functioning of the association. BFOGA provides land ownership for people who want to be seasonal or full-time occupants. We have members ranging from those who plan to homestead, to folks wanting a retirement cottage to share with the grandkids, to outdoor enthusiasts in search of the perfect campsite and canoe set-in point, to those seeking to build a cabin in the woods. We will reside simply in Canada’s natural beauty. We will not connect to the power grid. We are passionate about a sustainable, safe, and environmentally low-impact lifestyle. We now have 81 members developing this 185 acre property, which we have together named Longview. The property has surface and tree rights, and mineral rights within the township.

There will be common fees to cover taxes, insurance for board of directors and property, snow removal, road improvement, dock, etc.

This property will be licensed to each member through the members' association. Lots are chosen on a first come, first choice basis. There are no Lot Agreement fees or renewal fees. The member holds the Lot Agreement until the member decides to sell it at open market prices.

Affordable off-grid community land in Ontario, Canada. Just $3,400 per half acre. Please share[](

Posted by Aimee Buxton on Tuesday, June 4, 2019

This land gives us opportunity to create something unique. we will power this community with off-grid technology to create a simple, yet powerful community. It will include small natural material cottages, straw bale homes, Earthship homes, tiny homes, compost toilets only (no septic systems) and other sustainable practices.

BFMV created a member association not-for-profit incorporation called, Boreal Forest Off-Grid Association (BFOGA) which is independently controlled by the membership.