Project 1 (Sold out)

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This project will capture the worlds imagination with a lakefront, medieval sustainable village site in the Boreal Forest of Ontario Canada.

This project plans to bring the best sustainable practices to date without the restrictions of unsustainable building codes currently in place in southern Ontario. Here, we can build a safe, off-grid community, create permaculture farming as in Medieval days and ‘under-develop’ the property as best we can.

Each member association is independant from BFMV.

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Boreal Forest Lodge Association (Project #1)

BFLA purchased a 196 acre property north of Kirkland Lake, Northern Ontario surrounded by Crown land.

This property gives us opportunity to create something unique. We will power this community with off-grid green technology and use natural building materials for homes to create a simple yet powerful retreat.

We sold 125 acres of the 196 acres in 1/2 acre lots. The other 71 acres will remain as common space.



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About the property

Magnificent piece of unspoiled Northeastern Ontario property is a dream come true for those who want to come together as a community and live off the grid. The land comes with surface and tree rights, wide logging road that go from highway to the property, and waterfront acres of treed land with nearly a mile of beautiful shoreline complete with a trout stream running across the western portion. Property taxes are only $18 per year per member.
View of Keith Lake
project one lake pic #5

The majestic Pushkin Hills rising some 1500' into the air just to the east; fishing for pike, walleye, perch and trout on the spot. There are no cottages on the lake, as all of the land surrounding the lake , except for the parcel, is crown land none of which has been leased.

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