Project 3 (Sold out)

Project #3 SL

The property for Project 3, off Hwy 11 in Northern Ontario, is 437 acres and enjoys a shoreline of Swan Lake.

Affordable Waterfront Property: Boreal Forest Medieval Villages is an investment and
development group that is committed to making property ownership possible for generations to
come.  We have purchased a large acreage on waterfront property in northern
Ontario. This will be our third project. The first project was purchased October 2017. Our
second was purchased July 2019.

The property is diverse in its terrain and has 2,400 feet of lakefront. With small seasonal
creeks connecting to ponds, rolling landscape and the highest elevation is almost mid-point of
the property. It’s totally surrounded by Crown Land! The property comes with surface and mineral rights. The mature timber was harvested approximately 10 years ago.

Project #3 SL bridge

The view going over a small bridge on the 3-season logging road leading into the property.

The property is located 30 minutes north-west of Kirkland Lake, off of Highway #11. The access is by way of 4x4 truck, ATV, Argo or bike in the non-winter months, and by snowmobile in the winter months. Road access is through Crown Land on a logging trail which will have to be improved. The association will purchase snow-clearing equipment to maintain the road during Winter.
Another option for access is a public boat launch on Highway 11. This launch has ample
parking, restrooms and a picnic area.
Swan Lake is 136 hectares (or 336 acres) and approximately 8 feet deep. The lake holds
Walleye and Northern Pike.
There are several other lakes within minutes from Swan Lake, such as Wolf, Watabega, the
Twin Lakes, Meyers and Seskinika.
One km away from the road into the property is a restaurant, bar and marina on Sesekinka
Lake. There is also a General Store on Highway 11, 10 kms south of the property.

Our Mission:
This land gives us opportunity to create something unique. We will power this community with
off-grid technology to create a simple, yet powerful community. It will include small natural-
material cottages, straw bale homes, Earthship homes, tiny homes, trailers, containers, and
cabins. We will use compost toilets only (no septic systems) and other sustainable practices.
Boreal Forest Medieval Villages Inc. is owned by Ian Corris and Anthony Barrett, and is
administered by Anthony and Theresa Barrett. You are welcome to contact Anthony directly at .

Project #3 SL Rd 3

The view of the road going westward toward the property.

Current Plan:
As of October 5th 2020, Boreal Forest Medieval Villages has purchased the 437-acre property on Swan Lake. We have about 50 more acres for sale.

Our purchase formula is: waterfront; off grid; in unorganized township where no building
permits are required.
The investment per ½-acre lot is $3,500 + HST totalling $3,955. There are no
discounts for multiple purchases of half acres.

BFMV will be responsible for managing the property until all members choose their lots and
sign their License Agreements. There will be common fees to cover taxes, property insurance
and liability insurance for an elected Board of Directors (volunteers from the membership).
These fees will be about $150 - $200 per year per member. This fee will not be applied until
members sign their Licence Agreements.
The property will be licensed to each member through the members’ association. Lots are
chosen on a first come, first choice basis. Members who invest in additional lot(s) after their
original investment, will receive separate choice rank for those lot(s). There are no license fees
or renewal fees. The member holds the license until the member decides to sell it at open
market prices.
Licenses can also be transferred to anyone or left in a will. The association title deed can only
be sold if there is 100% ownership agreement in the sale of the property.

The property has rock outcrops and has many hills and valleys making the property very
beautiful. Swan Lake is suitable for small motorboats and canoes.

Boreal Forest Medieval Villages accepts e-Transfers and direct bank deposits.
To conduct an e-Transfer, enter your bank’s online banking forum and select e-Transfer. The
email associated with BFMV’s account is .
Alternatively, payment may be made by Direct Bank Deposit.
This is a great opportunity! Don`t wait and be disappointed. We are taking investors now.

For a full information package please Email:

For all the latest developments, please visit us here:
Or our Facebook page at:

Thank you for inquiring about this exciting venture and I hope you will be able to join us.
Anthony Barrett
Project Manager, BFMV

HST# 76584 5474 RT0001


Project #3 SL Rd. 4

View of road conditions for the first 2 kms. The last 4 kms of the road are trail which will require development.

project 3.0